high schools, academic & technical curriculum, faith formation


safe water, grain storage, agriculture improvement


hospital supplies, healthcare

Your Support is Needed

To address Nguludi Mission’s immediate needs while identifying the 5-Year Plan programs – Education, Environment, Health – and to support near term projects.

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Who We Are

Malawi Mission is a Mutual Covenant of Holy Family, Kirkland WA, and St. Joseph Nguludi Parish, Malawi Africa. The purpose of this Covenant to pledge ourselves to:

  • Foster mutual understanding of one another’s traditions and forms of worship.
  • Build relationships about sharing information about our different parish communities.
  • Develop a greater understanding of each other’s cultures.
  • Provide financial assistance and help to implement programs to support their needs.

The Nguludi Mission is located in Southeast Malawi consisting of 1 Pastor, 50,000 parishioners in 11 Parishes with an area of 900 Sq. Mi.

Education Focus

  • Ongoing student tuition
  • Upgrade high school curriculum and science labs

Environment Focus

  • Animal farming for food and income

Holy Family Parish
Malawi Ministry

Address: ??

Chair: Sharon Bastisini