In developing countries, around 80% of diseases are waterborne. In Malawi, over 40,000 people die every year from unclean water and sanitary conditions. Wells are limited and widely separated. More than 90% of well water used for drinking, bathing and laundry needs to be carried 1-3 miles.

In 2011, we began Phase 1, raising $12,000 and completing construction of two water wells. Phase 2, in 2012, raised $6,000 and completed construction of another water well. Phase 3, in 2014, raised $16,000 and completed two water wells. And last year, Phase 4 raised $7,000 with which we completed construction of the 6th clean water well.

In 2016-17, we hope to raise $14,000 to complete two more water wells, one at St. Michael Parish, and another one at the St. Joseph Parish Center. And by raising $14,000 for each of the following two years, we can reach our goal of having a water well at each of the 11 parishes.