Maize (corn) is Malawi’s main staple food, grown and consumed everywhere in the country.  Without adequate food processing and storage facilities, nearly 45% of the maize crop is lost after harvest

Current Situation:
(2012-13) raised $6,000 and funded purchase of a maize machine and building of 1 Maize Storage Unit (6 silos).
(2013-14) raised $5,000 and funded construction of 1 Maize Storage Unit.
(2014-15) raised $7,000 to construct 1 Food Storage Unit (Maize).
(2015-16) raised $7,000 to construct 1 Food Storage Unit (Maize, Nuts, Beans).
All storage sheds are at the St. Joseph Parish Center for security reasons.  All construction labor is provided by parishioners at no cost.

(2016-17) raise $7,500 to build 1 Multi-Purpose Storage Unit (6 Silos) — includes modification of Maize Storage Units to also store Nuts and Beans)