While Malawai offers free primary education for all children but there is no state-funded secondary education.  Only 8% of children are enrolled in grades 9-12 and the dropout rate is nearly 50%.  HFK Malawi supports three education programs at the St. Joseph Parish, Ngludi Mission.

The high school at St. Joseph was completed in 2015 and has 365 students.  The Support-A-Student-Program raises money to cover the cost of educating these 365 students.  A second high school, at St. Thereza Parish, is in the planning phase to determine location and enrollment size, buildings and cost. Also, the High School curriculum has been extended to include both academic and technical programs.

Many students face difficulty in attending classes because there is no public transportation.  To solve this, we are in the planning phase of providing school bus service to both high schools to determine the locations served, number of buses needed, schedules and cost.

As part of the Career and Technical Education Program, we are identifying the industrial skills needed by employers in the Limbe industrial area, some 30 miles away.