We are currently focusing on donations of hospital supplies for St. Joseph’s Hospital, Nguludi that was founded by a Catholic religious congregation of Daughters of Wisdom Sisters in the 1950s.

Today, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Nguludi is a 200-bed mission hospital under the umbrella of the Christian Health Association of Malawi, which acts as an administrative overseer of all mission hospitals in Malawi.  St. Joseph’s Hospital is a teaching hospital, offers diploma courses in Nursing and Midwifery certificate.  The hospital also trains internship clinical officers and some overseas medical students.

The hospital offers preventive, curative, rehabilitative and teaching services to a population of approximately 53,000.  On average, over 15,000 patients visit the Out-Patient Department and about 6,000 are admitted to the wards, annually.  The hospital has medical and surgical wards, 36-bed male ward, 33-bed female ward, 60-bed pediatric ward, 34-bed tuberculosis and 37-bed maternity ward.  The hospital also runs a busy Antiviral Therapy Clinic with over 3,000 visits per year, together with voluntary counseling and testing services.  The Primary Health Care department runs a busy ante-natal clinic with a Preventive-Mother-to-Child-Transmission program and an Under-Five Clinic with a Nutrition and Rehabilitation Unit.

St. Joseph’s Hospital spends approximately $10,000 per month for drugs and medical supplies.