Science Labs Project

The Need

In 2016 a Study was conducted in Blantyre, Commerce Capital of Malawi, to identify the future labor requirements to support the Malawi Long Range Plan of introducing Small Manufacturing in Malawi.

The requirements included the effect on both the Technical School and students bound for College education.
The Study also included a review of the Blantyre area Catholic High Schools Plans and discussion with the Catholic Archdiocese Board of Education.

This Study strongly indicates a need for both a (college-bound) STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) Program and (non-college bound) CTE (Career-And-Technical-Education) Program which is now a world-wide approach in high schools. A St. Joseph High School Requirement Plan is being conducted in 2017.


The Project

As in the U.S., classroom teachers find a chronic shortage of teaching supplies. This, plus the need for sponsorship of textbooks, desks, and teaching aids not provided by the Malawi Government, requires donations in addition to the SASP Tuition Support Program.

St. Joseph High School Science Program began with the construction of the High School in 2015 which included both a Chemistry & Biology Lab.

Within three years, your continued contribution lead to the addition of Professional Teacher Staff, an annual upgrade of Lab Equipment, and St. Joseph HS Science Program has earned the “Malawi Certified Science Exam Center.”

An added achievement of this Project has been a threefold increase in the number of graduating students going on to higher education in the Nursing Program.

  • Annual Goal: $1,000 5%

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