Education Projects

The Need

As in the whole world, Education is a key foundation of a society. Here in Malawi we see a chronic problem in the area of education where the government does not financially support education beyond the elementary level.

Holy Family Malawi Mission has taken on the Nguludi Mission area need to support their need for a high school education.

The area of focus is high school tuition support and associated needs of the classroom and Science Labs. After only 3 years of building St. Joseph HS, teachers, students and your donations have elevated the Science Program to a “Certified Science Exam Center.”

The students and teachers are very grateful for your continued support as you can see by their accomplishments.

Tuition Assistance – SASP (Support a Student Program)

The Support-A-Student Program started in 2004 and was the beginning of Malawi Mission Program. The great success of this Program has been the continued and increasing response to supporting high school age students who would not be in school without it.

This Program provides for the re-sponsoring of a student throughout their high school career and correspondence with the student. Sponsorship is available through the annual SASP Drive in August as well as by a monthly payment program.

  • Annual Goal: $25,000 15%

Science Labs Support

As in the U.S., classroom teachers find a chronic shortage of teaching supplies. This, plus the need for sponsorship of textbooks, desks, and teaching aids not provided by the Malawi Government, requires donations in addition to the SASP Tuition Support Program.

Science labs implemented at St. Joseph HS in 2015 are experiencing a growing need not only in the increasing number of students in Chemistry and Biology, but also in the technology advances. St. Joseph HS has been identified as a “Certified Science Exam Center”.

  • Annual Goal: $1,000 5%

Faith Formation Project

The need for a uniform Faith Formation program for the 21,000 parishioners at the Nguludi Mission had been recognized for a long time, though lack of funds postponed this program for years.  The implementation of a Faith Formation Program at Nguludi Mission was started in 2011 involving 7,000 parishioners per year at an annual cost of $7,000.
  • Annual Goal: $7,000 10%

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