Tuition Assistance – Support a Student Program

The Need

Because the Malawi government only pays for elementary (K-8) education, there is a tremendous need for assistance with the tuition required for secondary education. Of the roughly 2,000 high-school aged children in the Nguludi Mission, 40% do not attend school. Secondary education is not free for students, who pay school fees. Fees pose a huge burden to families in Malawi who struggle to raise enough money to send their children to secondary school.

There is a chronic shortage of Catholic high schools, especially those that offer a combination of academic and technical curricula with science labs.

The Project

The SASP (Support a Student Program) is a sponsor-drive tuition assistance program, with an annual sponsorship drive in August, as well as through the Holy Family Parish Online Contribution system.

The Support-A-Student Program started in 2004. The great success of this project is due to your continued contributions to support high school age students who would not be in school without assistance.

Another major contributing factor to this success is the sponsoring of and correspondence with a student throughout their high school career.

Current Status: The SASP program was one of the first major programs of the HFK Malawi Ministry. It currently supports 81 high school students and 10 post-high school students in technical programs (e.g. Nursing).

HFK Malawi Ministry plans to continue the SASP into the foreseeable future.

  • Annual Goal: $25,000 15%
Pig hostel interior
St. Joseph High School seniors
Student instruction
New fencing going in for the pig hostel

St. Joseph High School seniors, 2012

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