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The Need

The formation of our joint ministry began in 2002 with support to the Education needs of St. Joseph Parish with a focus on the high school level.

In 2011, the needs in the Environment area were becoming more prevalent.  With 7% of the local population dying from dirty water, and a 45% crop loss of the staple food (maize-corn) per year.

In 2015, the need for medical supplies was increasing at the local Hospital, St. Joseph’s. Thus began the Health Program and financial support in the area of medical supplies.

In 2016, the St. Joseph Parish Council reviewed the Long Range Plan to begin to address addition needs in the environment program, to include animal husbandry for food and income, new housing, and repairs to the church.

Education Projects

HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION projects address the needs of Nguludi Mission’s 2,000 high-school aged children, of which 40% do not attend school. Our projects also address the skills needed for students’ future employment.

The FAITH FORMATION project addresses the spiritual needs of the 21,000 parishioners at the Nguludi Mission.

Environment Projects

ENVIRONMENT projects address the physical needs of Nguludi Mission’s population.

Our projects include installing water wells to prevent deaths from dirty water, building grain storage units to prevent crop loss, and construction of maize mills and animal husbandry for food and income, which will all produce the stable environment and necessities needed to promote education and opportunity.

Health Projects

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Nguludi, is a 200-bed mission hospital.  St. Joseph’s Hospital is a teaching hospital, offering diploma courses in Nursing and Midwifery.  The hospital also trains internship clinical officers and some overseas medical students.

St. Joseph’s Hospital spends approximately $10,000 per month for drugs and medical supplies. Government support is not keeping up with increasing needs.

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