Completed Projects


Construction of St. Joseph High School

Of the roughly 2,000 high-school aged children in the Nguludi Mission, 40% do not attend school. Secondary education is not free for students, who pay school fees, which places a huge burden on their families.

HFK Malawi Ministry raised funds to build a new high school.  Completed in 2015, St. Joseph High School currently provides high school education for 80 students, as well as 12 students in the nursing program.

Construction of 6 Water Wells

In Malawi, over 40,000 people die every year from unclean. In 2004, 10% of Nguludi people were dying from dirty water with the number of Wells limited to 2 Wells in 100 Sq.Mi. (11 Parishes).

An 9-Year Plan (2014-2022) was implemented providing for 1 Well per Parish. 

Through 2017, 6 Wells have been installed reducing the number of deaths to 5%.

The remaining 5 Wells are planned for the outlying Parishes. Initial plans indicate a need for deeper Well drilling and a 25% increase in cost.

Construction of 3 Grain Storage Units

The Malawi Mission of Nguludi has been experiencing 45% of annual crop loss due to lack of Grain Storage Units.

A 5-Year Plan (2014-2018) was implemented providing for 5 Grain Storage Units (4 Silos each) to be installed at St. Joseph Parish Center and storage charge paid by those who could afford it.
Through 2017, 3 Grain Storage Units have been installed reducing annual crop loss to 20%. The remaining Storage Units are planned for 2018-2019.

Maize Mill Upgrade

In 2016, the Maize Mill old Sheller machine began misfunctioning. A study was conducted regarding current and future needs of a Maze Mill.

A Plan was developed to purchase both a new Sheller and a Grinder. The Grinder machine replaces the hand-grinding function to produce flour.

In 2017, new grinder and sheller machines were purchased resulting in a 10-fold increase in flour production. With the purchase of a truck for the new Animal Farming Project, the truck is being also used to distribute flour to the outlying Parishes.

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