2017 Highlights

The old Maize Sheller Machine was wearing our and performing at half of its capacity. It was decided that a new Cutter Machine was also needed to replace the hand made flour process with a Cuter Machine. It was decided that the current Mill needed to be expanded and include these two new machines which would increase the flour output tenfold. With the use of the new Truck for the new Farming Project could also be used to deliver flout to all Parishes within the 100 Sq.Mi. Mission.

Upon completing the initial 5-Yr Planning Phase (2013-2017) with the identification of Programs (Education, Environment, Health) and discipline of supporting Projects, it was determined that the Mission was now ready for the 2nd 5-Yr Plan. The focus of this Plan is the completion of Water Wells and Maize Storage Units; upgrade of the Education Program Science Program; and entrance in Animal Farming…

After decades of Maize as the main substance of food, a Long-Range Plan was developed with the first Project being the entry into Animal Farming and the first phase being that of Pig Farming. The Pig Hostel has been completed and the Project will be completed with necessary fencing and security in 1st Tqr, 2018.





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