About the Malawi Mission of Nguludi

Malawi is among the world’s poorest countries. More than half the population lives below the national poverty line, surviving on less than $1 a day (in the bottom 5% of Africa and the World). Most of the 16 million Malawians are family farmers, and the majority of them live under the constant threat of not having enough food each day. Malawi is also hard hit by the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

Nguludi Mission, consisting of 11 Parishes, is located in southeast Malawi, about 30 miles from Blantyre, the Commerce Center of Malawi. It covers an area of 225 square miles and 50,000 Catholics. 95% of the people live in rural areas, with the overwhelming majority of them (90%) engaged in farming (primarily maize). The life expectancy is 54 years, with 14% of the population living with AIDS/HIV. 65% live below the poverty level. There is no area-wide electric, sewer or water systems. Homes consist mainly of mud huts with thatch roofs and dirt roads.

St. Joseph Parish, located in the southwest of Nguludi Mission, is the primary Mission operating place of the 11 Parishes and 7,000 Catholics.

The key issues facing the people in Nguludi (and all of Malawi) are Education, Environment and Health.


Our Three Programs


The Malawi government pays for education in Grades 1 – 8 only.  90% of the children attend primary school.  Because of the lack of government funding, only 60% of the high-school-age children attend high school (grades 9 – 12) and less than 1% attend college. As a result of a new Nguludi Mission High School (365)  in 2015, 85% of the 615 Catholic high-school-age are attending high school.

Poverty and long commutes (2-4 miles), often alone on foot, prevent many children from attending classes, and even where schooling is available there is a severe shortage of school bus system, eligible teachers, and resources such as learning materials, adequate sanitation, and shelter. A 2nd high school and school bus system is under study.


  1. Dirty Water: 10% annual loss of life. (2017: 50% Water Pumps implemented)
  2. 50% annual loss of living crop, Maize. (2017: 80% Storage Units installed)
  3. Sub-standard Agriculture Operating Environment — Malawi World Report: Poor. (Animal Farming implemented in 2017 – Phase-1: Pigs (2017-18)
  4. Sub-standard Water & Sanitation System — (Initial Plan: Improved means of reserving and using rain water.  Plan based on connection to Malawi-wide Water & Sanitation Program – 2025-2030).


Local Hospital services 50,000 patients every year with 200 In-Patient Beds.

Current Primary Area of Need: Chronic shortage of medical supplies — $1,000/year.

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